The Facilities at Fleet

Our Facilities

Our training facilities are a co-located within our main helicopter operational and maintenance hangar. There is no segregation between our day to day operations and our students allowing direct exposure to the industry as it works.  We have a purpose-built classroom and briefing room, where students will undertake onsite theory lessons, and briefings prior to flights. This space is deliberately located next to our staff-room in an effort to help our students feel part of the Fleet family.

Our training facility is also our main maintenance hangar where students work with trained engineers to become intimately familiar with the inner workings of our helicopters, a crucial part of your training that will pay dividends throughout your career.

Your Training Environment and Location

Our flight training school is based at the Armidale Regional Airport NSW Australia. Armidale is a progressive regional city of approx. 25,000 and is home to the oldest regional university in the country.

Armidale Airport is a busy regional airport and is the second highest commercial airport in Australia (only recently outdone by Mt Hotham!). The airport has 18 to 20 passenger flights a day to and from Sydney and Brisbane and is also home to busy aeroplane charter, training, maintenance and agricultural businesses. The airport sees more than 90,000 passengers annually.

We believe Armidale Airport to be one of the best training environments in Australia. As a non-towered aerodrome, we have no costly delays waiting for clearances, yet the airfield will give you regular exposure to other operational aircraft. We have controlled airspace nearby at Tamworth (home to the Australian Defence Force Flight Training Academy) and Coffs Harbour to give you all important exposure to the controlled environment. We are also able to offer an extraordinarily diverse training environment from sea level to terrain in excess of 5000ft, gorge and wild river country with a vertical terrain range approaching 3000ft, rural farming country and the flat western plains. Our low-level training and confined areas are genuine and allow grading to your skill level and training targets.


Your Instructors 

Fleet Helicopters is not only a flight training school but a busy commercial company. All our instructors are working pilots with a minimum of 2000 hours of valuable, real world experience and flight instruction. Our aim is to introduce skilled, potential employees to the industry, not build our own flying hours. Most of our line and contract pilots trained at Fleet Helicopters to our own uncompromising standards.

Your instructors gained experience from not only around NSW but from around the country. We have worked in varying capacities in diverse locations such as Gorge Country New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and the USA, landing on off shore platforms and moving ships. Worked in a diverse range of industries including the film and movie industry, oil and gas, NPWS, shooting, mustering, powerlines, Search and Rescue (SAR), firefighting and precision sling work to mention a few!

All our pilots have all been in your shoes at some time in their career and can be a real asset in your progression.