Advanced Helicopter Training

Advanced Helicopter Training

Fleet offers a number of advanced endorsements; including aircraft and operational ratings and endorsements.

Night Visual Flight Rules Rating (NVFR)

NVFR allows you to fly at night in normal conditions that meet the criteria for Night Visual Meteorological Conditions (Night VMC). This does not give you the ability to fly in cloud or poor weather conditions at night (Instrument Meteorological Conditions).

To receive this rating, you must hold a PPL, CPL or ATPL Licence and log a minimum of 10 hours flight training at night, of which three hours need to be conducted as navigational flights.

It is possible to include NVFR training as part of your CPL licence.

This rating must be reviewed every 24 months.


Helicopter Type Endorsements

Each helicopter type to be flown requires individual endorsement training to be conducted. At Fleet Helicopters we can supply aircraft type endorsements for any of the helicopters we currently operate:

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Bell 47
  • Bell 206 Jetranger
  • Bell 206L Longranger
  • Bell UH-1H (Iroquois - Huey)
  • Airbus AS350

Low-Level Rating - Helicopter

Many flight operations require helicopters to operate close to the ground, below the minimum heights set by CASA. To achieve this level of ability, a five-hour training course followed by a flight test is required.

This rating is usually included as part of the training for your CPL licence.


Low-Level Rating - Sling Endorsement

This endorsement is a requirement for helicopter pilots working with an external load suspended under the helicopter. This is common in tasks such as firefighting, mining support/exploration, aerial construction and logging. Sling load operations are one of the most technically difficult skills to master and require a high level of concentration, so completing this training is guaranteed to increase your flying ability and career prospects.

This qualification may be included during your CPL licence, usually under the 150-hour course.


Aerial Application Rating – Firefighting Endorsement

Fire suppression training is a particular strength of Fleet’s, with over 25 years’ experience and all our instructors being called upon to fight fires, your training is undertaken by real and current experts. The course requires 5 hours of advanced training and a flight test before you can be qualified for this very demanding area of aviation.

The Aerial Application Rating also requires an annual proficiency check to be conducted with a Flight-Testing Examiner. Fleet Helicopters has a qualified FTE on staff to conduct this flight test for you.

Please bear in mind our FTE and instructors are also a working firefighting pilots so if you require this service, booking well in advance is required and it may be difficult to do during the fire season from August onwards.


Gas Turbine Endorsement

In order to fly a helicopter with a gas turbine engine you are required to conduct a Gas Turbine Endorsement (GTE).

The GTE is 5 hours of flight training with the associated theory to make sure you understand the workings of a turbine engine. It does not require a flight test.


Mustering Endorsement

Prior to being able to muster livestock with a helicopter you must have completed a course in low flying and then a 10-hour course by an approved mustering instructor. We send you out with an approved working mustering pilot who over the course of 10 hours will impart the skills required to conduct mustering operations.


Helicopter Flight Reviews/Proficiency Checks

All helicopter pilots are required to undertake a combination of flight reviews and proficiency checks with either a Grade 1 or 2 Flying Instructor or a Flight-Testing Examiner.

Fleet Helicopters can provide Flight Reviews and Proficiency Checks for you and these may be conducted as a combination to reduce the individual requirements.

Please contact us to find out the best option for you in satisfying your ongoing CASA requirements.